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Try Lip Enhancement for the Perfect Summer Selfies

2020 was filled with restricted travel but offered innovative ways to share experiences with one another or simply enjoy time at home. If you’re hoping to take a road trip or or enjoy time in your home or neighborhood this summer, you’ll surely want to celebrate even more with friends and family on your social media platforms by posing for that social media worthy selfie. Give yourself a boost of confidence with lip enhancement for that perfect pout or smile in all of your summer selfies this year! Find out which options are best for you:

What to Know About Lip Enhancement

What Are Your Lip Enhancement Options?

Lip enhancements can be categorized in a number of ways, such as surgical vs. non-surgical and permanent vs. temporary. Likewise, different methods will cost you different amounts based on the complexity and effectiveness of the procedure and the longevity of its results.

Dermal fillers are currently the most common method of lip enhancement. These fillers (i.e. Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, etc.) are injected into both the upper and lower lips to give them increased symmetrical volume. Most of these fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that provides skin with hydration and support. Of course, these fillers also contain other substances to aid in augmentation and patient comfort. Juvederm Ultra Plus, for instance, features lidocaine, a numbing substance that reduces pain during and after the injection.

A more permanent (and expensive) option for lip enhancement, lip implants are surgically placed inside the lips. This procedure only takes about 30 minutes, and in most cases, the patient can get on with their day shortly after.

Fat and/or tissue grafting is the final type of lip augmentation, wherein pieces of your own skin/fat are removed from one area (typically the abdomen) and implanted in the lips. This surgical option is the longest (60-90 minutes), most invasive, and typically the most expensive — it also yields long-lasting results (five years or more of increased lip volume), though not permanent results as is the case with some lip implants.

Dermal Lip Fillers Can Provide Plump Lips and You’ll Love the Way You Look

While all three main types of lip enhancement are effective in their own right, dermal filler lip injections are the best option if you’re looking to plump up your lips as quickly as possible without breaking the bank. Indeed, when properly performed, these injections go into effect immediately (though it can take about 2 weeks for final/best results, and results last 6-8 months in total). The procedure itself only takes about 15-30 minutes on average, and virtually no downtime is necessary. Better yet, side effects (bruising, redness, swelling) are usually mild, and more serious complications are rare. Dermal lip fillers are also relatively inexpensive when compared to their surgical counterparts — perlane lip injections, for instance, usually run between $550 and $650 per injection (implants and grafts usually run higher than $2,000).

Is Lip Enhancement Right for You?

Any cosmetic procedure (especially invasive ones like lip augmentations) come with certain risks, which is why you must speak with a trusted dermatologist before seeking these services. While lip injections are relatively safe, they can cause allergic responses in some. And as far as implants and grafts go, these surgical methods always come with the risk of bleeding, infection, damage to the skin, etc. If you’re looking for more luscious lips so that you’ll love the way you look in pictures, then make sure lip enhancement is right for you. The experts at Premier Dermatology Partners are happy to give you more information on lip augmentation and help you navigate whether or not you’re a good candidate for such a procedure.

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