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Top Questions to Ask Your Dermatologist About Eczema

Your first outbreak of eczema (dermatitis) might strike without warning. Maybe you wake up itching one night and then you feel fine the next day. Until you’re jolted from sleep at night, itching like crazy. Eczema, an oozing, painful skin condition with no definite rhyme or reason, often disrupts sleep by causing itching to the point of a bleeding rash. Below are five questions to ask your dermatologist to discuss your eczema.

1. Is There a Cure for Eczema?

There is no eczema cure, but there are ways to treat your eczema that will allow you to live your live with less pain and discomfort. Oftentimes knowing what triggers your outbreaks can help shorten the time you have a rash. Your eczema dermatologist will be able to work with you to help find the best treatment for your eczema.

2. What Is the Best Treatment for Eczema?

The reason for your eczema can determine the treatment in some cases. If you have an allergic reaction to something, your doctor might prescribe an antihistamine. If your eczema is brought on by stress, other treatments might help. The more you scratch the rash, the more irritated it will be, so do your best to keep from scratching. Some helpful remedies to use at home might include:

  • Gently patting the area of breakout instead of scratching
  • An icepack or baggie of ice held on the eczema
  • Putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the rash

Whatever treatment you use, make sure to keep your hands clean and dry anytime you touch the skin where eczema rash occurs.

3. Who Gets Eczema?

Eczema can affect any age. Babies and young children often have eczema for a few years but then outgrow it. Dermatitis in a child this young often appears as a breakout on their face. Older children, teenagers, and adults can experience itching and oozing rashes all over their bodies. Behind the knees and inside of the elbows are common spots of irritation. Each case can be different, and eczema can breakout on legs, arms, trucks, face, and hands. Regardless of the age of the person suffering, nighttime hours are often worse than during the day.

4. What Causes Eczema?

There is no one specific cause of eczema. It can be caused by many things, and this is one reason it is often difficult to diagnosis and treat. You can have an allergic reaction to something you eat or rub up against. Pollen season might cause breakouts. Stress is a major cause of eczema in many adults.

5. How Long Does Eczema Last?

Some people have one or two outbreaks over a lifetime. Others have a constant rash that never quite goes away. Once you and your eczema dermatologist figure out the cause of your specific eczema, the easier it will be to reduce your outbreaks and to treat it when necessary.

If you suffer from the unsightly, painful rash of eczema, call Premier Dermatology Partners today. Our team of skin experts is here to help relieve your pain and embarrassment so that you can enjoy life again.

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