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Top Ideas to Make Your National Skin Care Awareness Month Even Better

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month, and for good reason. For one thing, the previous summer months can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you failed to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. On top of this, the upcoming autumn weather warrants a shift in your approach to skin care thanks to the cooler, drier air and abundance of allergens (hello, dry skin rash). As such, September provides the perfect checkpoint to inspect your skin and take stock of your skin care routine. Let’s go over some inspiring ideas to make this year’s National Skin Care Awareness Month even better.

How to Treat Your Skin Better

Adjust Your Skin Care Routine for Seasonal Changes

In previous posts, we’ve gone over the various products everyone should have in their skincare arsenal — cleaners, moisturizers, exfoliating products, vitamin-rich serums, etc. As summer turns to fall, you’ll want to keep up with your routine but make a few small changes to account for the seasonal shift. After all, the changes in humidity and temperature will affect your skin whether you like it or not, so it’s important to use the right products for the relevant conditions. The most notable change here will be with your cleanser; in the summer, you might be using a thinner, lighter, rinse-free cleaner, but you’ll want something thicker and more hydrating in the fall and winter. This National Skin Care Awareness Month, ask your dermatologist about other seasonal skin care product adjustments that make sense for your skin type.

Eat Well This Fall

Healthy, beautiful skin is directly tied to your internal health and well-being, both physical and emotional. So, as you assess the state of your skin this September, keep in mind that the things you do and eat play a key role in these matters. The harvest season brings forth countless delicious options to feast upon, and there’s no shame in indulging. However, some food types, such as high-glycemic foods and processed foods, may contribute to acne, inflammation, and other skin problems. Conversely, many fruits and vegetables (which are abundant during the fall) can rejuvenate your skin. Try to keep track of what you eat this September to determine which foods are benefitting your skin and which are not.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep All September Long

The fall season is well-known for its prime sleeping weather — not too warm or cold but just right for cozying up at night. This is great news for your skin, as getting enough sleep on a regular basis is critical in restoring your skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and more. Do your skin a favor, then, and take advantage of these great sleeping conditions while they last.

Take Regular Brisk Walks or Runs

Regular exercise has also been shown to keep skin healthy and youthful. Depending on the year and where you live, September might still feature hot days or veer towards chillier temperatures — whatever the case, do your best to get out there and exercise for 30-60 minutes 5-7 days a week. And if the weather isn’t cooperating, find ways to work out indoors to keep the blood flowing; your body and skin will thank you.

Don’t Ditch the Sunscreen

Many of us are good about slapping on sunscreen during the summer when heading to the beach or sitting poolside. When autumn enters and things cool down, however, it’s common to feel as if this preventative skin care for sun damage is no longer necessary, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The sun doesn’t suddenly disappear after August, after all. In fact, the sun gets closer to the earth between July and January. Even if you don’t plan on spending much time outdoors this fall or winter, it’s important to continue wearing sunscreen (SPF 30+) each and every day to shield your skin from ultraviolet radiation, especially if you’re regularly near windows and not wearing long-sleeved clothing.

Treat Yourself with a Cosmetic Dermatology Appointment

To really sweeten the deal this Skin Care Awareness Month, set a date with a cosmetic dermatology specialist for any number of treatments. A chemical peel or relaxing facial can provide a powerful means of exfoliating your skin and stimulating collagen production. Laser therapies can also help reverse signs of aging and sun damage. You might try dermaplaning to remove unwanted peach fuzz, improve skin texture, and enhance the performance of various skin care products. The list goes on. What better time is there to treat your skin to professional cosmetic care than during National Skin Care Awareness Month?

Staying Aware of Your Skin

With so many things to think about in daily life, it can be easy to forget about your skin. This September serves as a reminder to love your skin and give it the care and attention it deserves. At Premier Dermatology Partners, our team is here to help you do just that. To learn more about our providers and all the services we offer, contact us today.

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