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How to Know it’s Time to Schedule a Cosmetic Dermatology Appointment

Maintaining healthy, beautiful skin is a multi-faceted effort. Most people should see a medical dermatologist about once a year (perhaps more or less depending on the person) to check for changes in moles, evaluate ongoing or emerging health issues related to the skin, and receive advice and necessary medications/treatments. Cosmetic dermatologists, on the other hand, primarily deal with aesthetic skin problems (which may or may not be related to medical issues). But just because surface-level skin concerns are not typically serious or life-threatening doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be addressed.

The question remains, then, how often should you seek help from a cosmetic dermatologist? Here are indications that it’s time to schedule a cosmetic dermatology appointment.

How to Know When to Go to the Dermatologist

You’ve Never Seen a Cosmetic Dermatologist Before

If you’re an adult and have never met with a cosmetic dermatologist before (or it has been several years), it’s a good idea to set up an appointment. You might be surprised to discover how much more attention and care you could be giving your skin, and the benefits of doing so. Your cosmetic dermatologist can perform an initial evaluation of your skin and offer advice and products (such as moisturizers, creams, serums, etc.) to begin developing a skin care routine that will work for you.

Your Self-Esteem Has Taken a Hit

Your skin’s appearance may or may not have much to do with your physical health, but your mental health can be significantly affected based on what you see in the mirror. Indeed, if you’re struggling with low self-esteem mainly due to acne, uneven skin tone, scarring, etc., seeing a cosmetic dermatologist can be a major turning point in your mental state, setting you on the right course for clearing up your skin and regaining your confidence.

You’re Concerned About the Effects of Aging

The forces of time and gravity affect all of us. Wrinkles and lines can start developing in one’s skin as early as one’s mid-20s. Fortunately, thanks to cosmetic dermatology, there are many ways to slow down the formation of wrinkles and even mitigate existing ones. The same goes for other signs of aging, too, such as age spots, dulled skin tone, sagging skin, varicose veins, and more. If these visible effects of aging concern you, it’s time to schedule a meeting with a cosmetic dermatology expert.

You’re Preparing for a Special Occasion

Cosmetic dermatology isn’t just about reversing unwanted elements on your skin — it’s also about maximizing your skin’s natural appearance. In this way, it’s a great idea to receive cosmetic dermatology services in preparation for a special event, such as a wedding, family/friend gathering, photoshoot, anniversary, milestone, etc. Facials can cleanse your skin of impurities, dermaplaning can remove fine hairs and and in makeup application, microdermabrasion can stimulate collagen production — the list of services to help you glow goes on.

You Want to Take More Control Over Your Skin

Simply put, if you want more control over your skin’s appearance, your first step should be to set up an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist. The fact is, everyone’s skin is different. Your cosmetic dermatologist will help you understand your skin type and uncover your skin care goals so you can achieve the appearance you’ve always wanted without taking steps backward. If and when you feel the time is right to make an appointment, the medical and cosmetic experts at Premier Dermatology Partners are waiting for you.

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