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Cocktail Party Coming Up? How To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

The event landscape has certainly been altered this year. As communities continue to commit to social distancing and other precautions, you might not be attending a cocktail party or similar function for the foreseeable future. Still, virtual events are happening all over, as well as outdoor celebrations and small gatherings. If you plan on attending such a party soon, you probably want to look your best. And if you want to show some skin, you might wish to remove hair in visible places, such as your legs, arms, and back.

Here are some different ways to get rid of unwanted hair, ranging from at-home quick-fixes to more permanent cosmetic solutions.

Should You Shave?

Taking a razor to your excess hair is often the easiest method for clearing things up. Of course, the effects of shaving aren’t long-lasting, and if you’re not careful with your technique or the blade you’re using, you might end up irritating and/or cutting your skin. Still, if your party is only hours away and you need to get rid of your unwanted hair quickly, shaving might present the best option. Just know that the hair will grow back in a matter of days or weeks.

What About Waxing?

If you’ve got a bit more time and, ideally, access to a professional esthetician, you might wax away your unwanted hair. Whereas shaving simply removes hair at the very surface, waxing pulls away hairs at their roots, yielding results that can last between 2-8 weeks. It’s worth noting that waxing can be mildly painful (especially for those with sensitive skin) and may also result in irritation and rashes, though these side effects don’t usually last long.


Like waxing, tweezing or plucking unwanted hairs removes them at their roots, just at a slower pace — waxing removes several hairs at once while tweezing targets one hair at a time, making it better for more precise situations and stubborn hairs.

More Permanent Hair Removal Options

The hair removal methods outlined above only yield temporary results. If you’re tired of constantly getting rid of your unwanted hair, it’s worth looking into cosmetic dermatology services and treatments that offer a more permanent solution.


In order to halt hair growth for good, the follicle itself must be eliminated. This is precisely what electrolysis hair removal aims to do. During this process, shortwave radio frequencies are passed through needles which are placed into the patient’s hair follicles. The resulting energy destroys the follicles in question, preventing future hair growth in those areas. The FDA considers this option a permanent hair removal solution, though multiple treatments are typically required for the best results.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair follicles can also be destroyed via laser, offering similar long-term hair removal. Unlike electrolysis, the follicles are targeted with a precise, hot laser.Most patients require somewhere between 4-6 treatments over the course of several weeks. Laser hair removal is effective, but it does not guarantee permanent hair removal. Hair may grow back after several months or years, and when it does, it may be finer and lighter than before.

Prescription Creams

Lastly, if your unwanted hair is primarily on your face, your dermatologist might recommend a prescription cream such as eflornithine. When applied twice a day for one month, this product hinders the production of enzymes responsible for facial hair growth. Results from this solution can last up to eight weeks, and patients can continue using this product if it seems to be working for them.

Just because you’re invited to an upcoming event doesn’t mean you’ll want to bring all of your hair with you. Let the cosmetic dermatology professionals at Premier Dermatology Partners help you achieve the smooth, hair-free skin you desire (ask us about Delray laser hair removal). To learn more about our team and all the services we provide, contact us.

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